Islandaire EZ Series GS versus Suburban’s Dynaline

What makes the Islandaire EZ Series GS design superior to the Dynaline? Excellent question! Here are the fine details:

Feature Islandaire Series GS (Gas Heat PTAC) Suburban Gas Heat PTAC
Heat Exchanger Tubular Stainless Steel with Lifetime Warranty Tubular, Aluminized Steel or Steel Clam Shell Type
CO Detector Standard on all Islandaire Units – “Life Saving Device” Available
Efficiency Data Cooling:
BTU:             7385       8968     12,086     15,498
EER:             12.01     11.28       10.97       10.0
Input:           12,000   12,000     18,000   21,000
Efficiency: 87.0       87.0         84.0       84.0
BTU:             7600       9500     11,500     14,000
EER:              11.6       11.2       10.4         9.6
Input:           12,000   12,000     18,000   20,000
Efficiency: 82.0       82.0         81.0       80.0
Construction Heavy gauge sheet metal commercial duty construction
Dual Motor plus Combustion motor. Can handle duct work.
Standard gauge sheet metal construction
Dual Motor plus Combustion motor
Warranty One year parts and labor; Five Year compressor part only and a “Liftime Warranty” labor and part only on the stainless steel heat exchanger One year parts and labor; Five Year compressor and heat exchanger part only
Controls Controls are modulized which allow for lower maintenance costs One control board which controls everything and results in higher maintenance costs and more down time
Combustion Operation 1 – Combustion system design as to not let outdoor wind conditions to cause ignition issues/lockouts
2- Lockout (If occurs) lasts only 1 hour. Then system retries to ignite (Except on CO lockout)
Negative Drawthrough Combustion
1- Combustion fan is on the exhaust side of the heat exchanger, this leaves the inlet side open to wind conditions blowing directly into the combustion chamber, allowing the flame to blow out.
2- Unit will lock out after a certain amount of tries to establish flame, and will not turn back on
Assembled Location USA – New York USA – Tennessee
Front Panel Painted metal front panel with rounded corners and edges for a cleaner look. Painted metal front panel with straight corners and edges.
Wall Sleeve (accessory) It is fully assembled, welded, and painted to make for a quicker and stronger installation. Assembly required on job site which increases labor and is more flimsy in comparison.
Indoor Fans Dual centrifugal blowers provide higher static pressure for use with duct work. Tangential fan – Does not handle static pressure created by duct work.
Condensor Fan Slinger ring, increased cooling efficiency and condensate removal No slinger, lower efficiency and no condensate removal ability
Insulation Non-flammable fiberglass throughout Plastic “Bubble” type – Extremely flammable
Combustion Intake Raised and positioned to prevent debris entry or water buildup Very low on unit, potential to leak water into room, potential to allow water entry into combustion area and heat exchanger
Fresh Air Vent Optional Motorized, closed when not in use Manual, can be left open which increases operating costs