McQuay Replacement Guide

McQuay Replacement Guide: Find your existing McQuay PTAC or WSHP unit in the left column and click on the Islandaire replacement unit on the right. WSHPs do not have a sleeve, therefore the height and width are not applicable. If you do not see the unit you’re looking for on this list or in our catalog, please consult the factory; we can custom design a unit for you. Note: For shipping purposes, please assume that a one piece chassis typically weighs 150 lbs, and a two piece is 200 lbs.

Original Model Sleeve Height (Inches) Sleeve Width (Inches) Islandaire Model
McQuay® K, EK and RK Series 13 15/16 36 Islandaire EZ Series KF
McQuay® Type EA, RS & ES Series 16 3/8 44 7/8 Islandaire EZ Series ED
McQuay® C/EC Series 27 3/8 54 1/2 Islandaire EZ Series EC
McQuay® EB Series 22 30 5/8 Islandaire EZ Series EB
McQuay® J/EJ Series 14 30 Islandaire EZ Series JA
McQuay® LM Series N/A N/A Islandaire EZ Series LM
McQuay® HC/EH Series N/A N/A Islandaire EZ Series EH
McQuay® NE Series 16 42 Islandaire EZ Series NE
McQuay® VF Series N/A N/A Islandaire EZ Series VF
McQuay® WM Series N/A N/A Islandaire EZ Series WM
McQuay® PDNS & PDAN Series 16 42 Islandaire EZ Series PD

Why choose Islandaire before the McQuay PTAC?

McQuay ProductsIn 2014, Daikin Applied(formerly McQuay) announced it was discontinuing it’s legacy PTAC product line. Unfortunately this left the McQuay owners with no easy option for a replacement. With 23 years in manufacturing and designing expertise, Islandaire has engineered perfect-fit replacements for the most popular and common McQuay PTAC and WSHP products.

McQuay has been an innovator and leader within the air conditioning industry since its humble beginning’s in 1917 creating and supplying many leading products and services. To find an equivalent unit in quality that is American made, look no further than the Islandaire product line!

To find accurate Islandaire replacements for Remington and Singer units, please visit our complete replacement guide.