Amana Replacement Guide

Amana recall notice: Amana PTACs/PTHPS contain power cords that are a potential fire hazard. Click to read more

Amana Replacement Guide: Find your existing Amana PTAC unit in the left column and click on the Islandaire replacement unit on the right. If you do not see the unit you’re looking for on this list or in our catalog, please consult the factory; we can custom design a unit for you. Note: For shipping purposes, please assume that a one piece chassis typically weighs 150 lbs, and a two piece, 200 lbs.

Original Model Sleeve Height (Inches) Sleeve Width (Inches) Islandaire Model
Amana® PTH & PTC Series 16 42 Islandaire EZ Series 42
Amana® Type PB 16 26 Islandaire EZ Series 26

Why choose Islandaire before Amana PTACs and VTACs?

Amana PTACAmana has been a respected name in PTAC and room air units for 30 years. Amana’s products have serviced hotels, nursing homes, universities, and housing units within those years and are known for innovation. However their units and technology are now effectively replaced using the Islandaire product – which is completely compatible with the most cutting edge thermostats and offers more energy efficiency options than the dated DigiSmart thermostat system. Each Amana PTAC can be perfectly replaced with the Islandaire equivalent, with little to no adjustments made to the existing sleeve.