Friedrich Replacement Guide

Friedrich Replacement Guide: Find your existing Friedrich PTAC, VTAC, PTHP or WSHP unit in the left column and click on the Islandaire replacement unit on the right. If you do not see the unit you’re looking for on this list or in our catalog, please contact us. We can custom design a unit for you. Note: For shipping purposes, please assume that a one piece chassis typically weighs 150 lbs, and a two piece, 200 lbs.

Original Model Sleeve Height (Inches) Sleeve Width (Inches) Islandaire Model
Friedrich® Climate Master Series 700AD 16 36 Islandaire EZ Series AD
Friedrich® Climate Master Series 701 16 40 1/2
Friedrich® Climate Master Series 702, 703 & 704 16 36 Islandaire EZ Series CM
Friedrich® ET Series 20 28 Islandaire EZ Series ET
Friedrich® PDE & PDH Series 16 42 Islandaire EZ Series 42
Friedrich® WallMaster 17 27 Islandaire EZ Series 26
Friedrich® TE 16 42 Islandaire EZ Series TE
Friedrich® Vert-I-Pak 23 23 Islandaire EZ Series VP and VR

Why choose Islandaire before Friedrich?

Friedrich PTACFriedrich air conditioners are known for being hard-working and highly durable. Both Islandaire and Friedrich units are commerical grade and constructed from the highest-quality materials and components, while also boasting a near silent operation. Unfortunately, Friedrich has abandoned their older product lines and left their customers struggling to find a replacement for their older Climate Master models. Islandaire manufactures a superior replacement for all of the Climate Master models, as well as Friedrich’s newer Vert-I-Pak and PTAC models. We have tirelessly continued to improve on energy efficiency, technological compatibility, and customer satisfaction.