New Construction PTACs

Our engineers continuously innovate unit design to provide Islandaire's units with cutting edge technology and durability. These units are ideal for the demands of the growing construction field.

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Perfect Replacement Units

Islandaire produces a full replacement line for several models made by Singer, Amana, GE, Friedrich, Slant Fin, Ice Cap, Ice Air, and much more!

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The Islandaire patented DR.PTAC technology is an add-on system which brings conditioned make-up air in to the room, reducing humidity and supplying fresh air!

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ACHR News Article

ACHR Features Article on the EZ Series DR

Last month the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News posted a brief article on the DR. PTAC module featured on our Series DR and VR units. Islandaire’s DR. PTAC module is still the only solution to high humidity and unconditioned air issues in living spaces. This module is deployed in hotels (Marriotts, Best Westerns and

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The Islandaire EZ Series GS versus Suburban’s Dynaline

What makes the EZ Series GS design superior to the Dynaline? Excellent question! Here are the fine details: Feature Islandaire Series GS (Gas Heat PTAC) Suburban Gas Heat PTAC Heat Exchanger Tubular Stainless Steel with Lifetime Warranty Tubular, Aluminized Steel or Steel Clam Shell Type CO Detector Standard on all Islandaire Units – “Life Saving

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